With reliable injection molding
"Hanyu Seimitsu" for advanced mold design and production

Is there such a problem?

The quality of the molded product is not good
Planned production does not go up
I want to make such a product, but I don't know if it can be done by injection molding
Some products are said to be impossible

Advanced injection molding and mold technology to meet high-precision product needs


We are engaged in injection molding, injection mold design and production, and die casting mold design and production. So far, we have cooperated in solving various problems and issues in the design, development and manufacturing of medical parts, aerosol parts, automobile parts, electrical parts, etc. from the viewpoints of both molds and moldings. ..

Aiming for a defect rate of 0%, we will provide high-quality and stable products in order to thoroughly clarify defects.

Features of Hanyu Seimitsu


Feature 1

You can solve problems by approaching from both the mold and molding sides.

Since we design and manufacture molds and mold them in-house, we can solve current problems and difficult problems with both mold and molding approaches, and enable products that are said to be difficult.


Feature 2

We have a stable system that allows us to produce non-defective products.

The key to consistently producing good products is to be able to notice small changes, investigate the cause each time, and respond to them. When a defect occurs, we go back to the design and thoroughly clarify it, so we can always produce good products in a stable manner.

Feature 3

Cooperation in product design and development in anticipation of mold structure and mass production

Can it be done by injection molding? Can you remove it with a mold? , What are the likely problems during mass production? , How to increase the number of take? , How to shorten the cycle time? Please feel free to contact us. Hanyu Seimitsu Co., Ltd. will cooperate in product design and development from the perspectives of both mold and molding.


Feature 4

Difficult injection molding/Experience and technology that enable molds

I think that technology is the accumulation of "awareness" that you would never have heard of. However, in order to reach this "awareness", it is necessary to mobilize all the experience and knowledge so far, sharpen the senses, and have the patience to tackle the issues seriously. At Hanyu Precision, we are accumulating further experience and technology every day by doing these things honestly.


Medical parts
Medical parts
Medical parts
Automobile related parts
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Aerosol parts
Radio control related parts
Electrical / communication / food parts
Injection molding mold
Die casting parts

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