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Contributing to society with technology

Hanyu Precision will contribute to society with advanced injection molding and mold technology.

Meet high-precision product needs

Advanced injection molding / mold design / manufacturing

And die casting mold design and production

Since we design and manufacture molds in-house, we have accumulated a wide variety of manufacturing know-how. We can also assist in product design and development in anticipation of the mold structure.



Injection molding mold design and manufacturing

"We can design and manufacture molds that are easy to maintain and hard to break."

Based on the accumulation of a wide range of technologies from medical equipment to automobiles over 50 years, we provide 3D-CAD / CAM and high-precision molding, as well as cooperation from the development stage.

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Injection molding

"We can produce good products in a stable manner."

We have a factory equipped with a clean room, and we carry out thorough maintenance and molding under appropriate conditions by utilizing our know-how in mold manufacturing.

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Die casting mold design and production

"We can design and manufacture molds that can make good products at once."

We have a good reputation for designing and manufacturing molds that require high-precision products. We also support various metals.

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Quality and safety


Efforts to ensure plastic molding standards

In 2018, we acquired the medical device manufacturing industry registration so that customers in the medical device manufacturing and sales industry can entrust plastic molding with peace of mind.

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Factory and equipment


Hanyu Sekimitsu

Headquarters factory

It is a factory that manufactures molds and designs molds.

About equipment


Hanyu Sekimitsu

Molding factory

It is a molding factory equipped with a clean room.

About equipment

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