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Injection molding mold design and manufacturing


Feature 1

Has the know-how that has been making molds for nearly 50 years

We have accumulated a wide range of technologies by engaging in various industries such as medical equipment, aerosols, automobiles, writing tools, audio equipment, RC cars, and lighters (burners).

Feature 2

Cooperation in development projects

We have cooperated in the development of many products such as 3D modeling, 3D printing, prototype type, and mass production type. You may be told, "I didn't think I could do this," so please feel free to contact us.


HomeBusiness >Introduction

Feature 3

High-precision machining using 3D-CAD / CAM and various machine tools

We use 3D-CAD / CAM from design to programming, and perform machining with high-speed machining centers, wire electric discharge machines, mirror-type electric discharge machines, etc. according to each shape and machined surface.


Injection molding


Feature 1

Molding with familiarity with molds

Molding is performed after fully understanding the structure of the mold, the flow of resin, the cooling circuit, and where gas tends to collect. This makes it possible to logically derive appropriate molding conditions.

Feature 2

Molding in a clean room

In order to support precision products such as medical equipment, aerosols, and electronic equipment, we perform molding in a clean room with controlled differential pressure and temperature.


Feature 3

Importance of mold maintenance

Mold maintenance is extremely important for the stable production of high-precision products. Advanced mold disassembly and cleaning is a delicate task that does not go unnoticed, but we will do it without compromise.


Die casting mold design and production


Feature 1

Clean machined surface

Machined surfaces using high-speed machining centers and mirror electric discharge machines are highly evaluated for products such as cosmetics and heat sinks where appearance and omission are important.

Feature 2

Compatible with various metals

Compatible with both hot and cold chambers.


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HomeBusiness >Introduction